About Helen

Keeping well is important for everyone and I like to help people keep well and to look young.

I grew up in Scotland and while contemplating what to do I decided to study for a diploma in beauty therapy and spent a short time in the skin care business.

Changing circumstances brought a relocation to New Zealand with my husband and family. My career took a change of direction that led me into further study and a move into business education in which I held a senior teaching and administrative positions. Working with students was always interesting and a joy to see them achieve their goals as they walked across the stage at graduation.

I was a member of Women in Management and a director of Dress for Success. I have mentored people in education and business and have coached entrants to the Westpac Business Awards with pleasing success. With an interest in the problem of sight impairment I took time to train for working with sight impaired people. I have been a reader to the same person for many years.

I decided it was time for a change but what? Through discussion with a friend my interest in health, wellness and skin care was rekindled. New technology has improved considerably the availability of products that make a huge difference to skin care and wellness. While previously it seemed that only women were interested in looking after how they feel and look now men are also realising the importance of taking care of their skin. With the problem of melanoma people are realising the dangers of being exposed to the sun through work and sport and they need to take steps to protect their skin.  It is also being recognised that good health, nutrition and exercise are important.

My focus is helping people to keep well, to enjoy good health and to look young and to feel young. I look forward to helping you!








I have used Nuskin product, sourced from Helen, since early 2010. I first used LifePack Prime on her recommendation, and the first thing I noticed was no more cold sores, which had appeared with annoying regularity about once per month. Helen also recommended that I take a daily supplement of Y-Span. At times I have also used the moisturizer, which being non-oil based seems great, Celltrex is used with weak skin spots, and it seems to aid in their remedy. Occasionally I remember to use SunRight. I am sure it reduces the risk of skin cancer.