You have a special function to go to and you want to look your best but irritatingly a few pimples are visible on your face. So annoying!

Teenagers go through agony as puberty kicks in bringing with it a spotty face, but teenagers are not the only age group that is affected by acne.  People in their 20s can also have an acne problem.  It can also be several years before the acne problem emerges for the first time in the 30-50-year-old age group!

What causes those annoying spots to pop up?

Sebaceous glands protect the skin through the release of a natural lubricant – we may refer to this as being an oily skin 

Skotnicki tell us that acne is a common problem. She refers to research undertaken that points to acne affecting around 40-50 million people of varying ages in America. She mentions that in Scotland, New Zealand and Australia the rate for acne is 70-95% of 16-18-year olds.

“Research indicates that high rates of acne in those countries, and in many others, is related to the industrialized world”. 

“Remote areas such as Kitava which is one of the groups of islands in the Trobriand archipelago in the Solomon Sea Papua New Guinea, has almost no incidence of acne and research undertaken in Ach̕e, Paraquay found there was no sign of acne.”

Although not life-threatening acne can be very painful. It may appear not only on the face but also the back, neck, shoulders and the chest.

Increased oil production can emerge as a whitehead because it is positioned immediately under the skin, or as blackheads that are visible on the skin. Causes can be that pores become blocked by oil, dirt or dead skin cells. You shed your skin every few weeks and new skin emerges. 

Acne is not caused by bacteria, but it can be introduced through a pimple having been squeezed or scratched in such a way that entry for bacteria is provided.

When washing the face (and body) use products that are water based or ‘noncomedogogenic’ (as it may be listed in the ingredients) and keep away from makeup containing oil. 

Thoroughly, but gently remove makeup using a water-based cleanser before going to bed. Be aware that some cosmetics and skin care products tend to be oily and will clog the skin thus causing problems. Look for water-based products that are positioned at the top of the ingredients list. Although men in general are unlikely to be wearing make-up, keeping their skin clean is important.

Clear Action® is a medication system specifically designed to deal with the acne problem and has proved to be very effective – especially appreciated by teenagers, according to friends with young people in that age group.

            There are 4 products in the system –

                        Foaming Cleanser               Toner

                        Day Treatment                     Night Treatment

Clinical tests have indicated that more than 90% of participants were satisfied with the performance of Clear Action®. Occasionally some people may feel a little stinging sensation on the skin during the first few days as the Clear Action starts its work then the skin settles to accept the treatment.  If interested in the system contact me or go to

Remember, it is also very important to consider eating habits as diet does impact on your skin and it is important to focus on maintaining a balanced diet.


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