Let’s meet for a coffee!

Do you frequently meet up with family and friends for a coffee and social session to catch up with news? Meeting with business colleagues for a #coffee is frequently a means of discussing business and a way to get to know them better. There are many people of course who prefer tea, that is fine – it is socialising together that is important.

Drinking and socialising over a coffee is an activity that has taken place over several hundred years and in many countries. 

The types of coffee available to select from is a long list. At your coffee shop there is an opportunity for you to check out the different types before you decide which you enjoy most – here are a few names:

Flat white, cappuccino, latte, Americano, #long black which is found in New Zealand and Australia (it is stronger than Americano in aroma and taste), espresso, flat white, and of course Irish coffee! 

Whichever country you are living in there will be differing names for your various coffees. You may already have your favourite, but it can be interesting to taste different coffees.

As with so many unexpected discoveries legends abound. However, it was the eating of the beans on trees in the coffee plantations situated in the Ethiopian Peninsula Plateau that revealed something of interest. Kaldi, a goat herder, realised that his goats seemed to become extremely energetic for quite some time after they had been eating the beans of the coffee trees in the surrounding coffee forests.

Kaldi mentioned the fascinating activity of the goats to the abbot at the local monastery. Interested, the abbot decided to experiment by making a drink. The result he discovered was interesting. Drinking the ‘new’ beverage he found that he was able to keep awake during the long evening prayers!

News of the interesting sounding drink spread. As pilgrims visited Mecca so knowledge of this new drink increased. Coffee plantations and trading grew in the countries around the Yemini. 

In time word spread to Europe and the Dutch managed to acquire seedlings. They first tried to grow them in India, but this was a failure. They managed to successfully develop plantations in Sumatra and Celebes. 

Inevitably the interest in coffee spread across Europe reaching Britain and the drinking of coffee led to the setting up of coffee houses where people gathered to socialise, relax, or to discuss and transact business. Socialising led to businesses emerging and a famous one is Lloyds of London Insurance.

Inevitably the Americas also became interested in coffee and many areas have large successful plantations. 

Returning to the information about the frolicking goats, it is suggested that coffee, with its tendency to keep people awake, and not to be taken after mid-day. If you want a good night’s sleep, follow that suggestion. However, many people enjoy their coffee at any time of the day!

Source of information is www.ncausa.org – the National Coffee Association. The site provides interesting information including coffee and health.