Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown! What is a normal life? I guess we have said goodbye to at least part of the life we were accustomed to and thinking about life ahead. Where I am, we have been in and out of lockdown, and we have had three earthquakes (levels 7 and 8) and a tsunami warning! Just a been told another quake, this time a 6.5 and no doubt rumbling around for a while yet.

Lockdown can quickly drain energy and when people have been subjected to months of lockdown it is very draining.  For those who live alone it is particularly hard. Do contact someone you know is living alone – even a brief chat can make a difference. I have several long-time friends overseas I make contact with and they are very happy to have a chat and I enjoy chatting to them.

 Lack of energy can be the result of a health issue so a visit to your doctor for a check is a good idea. Energy levels tend to diminish as you grow older.  You become tired more quickly and more often. Lacking energy also affects your physical vigour, mental acuity, and lead to a lack of sexual drive. Studies indicate that sexual drive does decline with age.

Lack of motivation can be another sign of issues around energy. You may want to do things but not have the energy or enthusiasm to do what needs to be done. 

The amount of sleep we have does determine how we get through the day. Sometimes you are very much aware that you did not sleep well. You may realise you are having more coffee than usual to help you through the day! Too much coffee can be a reason for keeping you awake. It is not unusual to hear people say they don’t take coffee after mid-day. But if you are a coffee addict that may be difficult!  

Do you feel like a snooze in the afternoon? Often people feel ready to close their eyes for what is usually a short sleep then they brighten up and get on with the day! How to avoid or deal with – have a light but healthy lunch. Go out for a short quick walk if possible – time in the fresh air can make a difference. A desk sitter – make sure you move around as much as possible. If possible arrange things at work that will involve you getting up to get something – may feel inconvenient but it will be good for you. 

Lifestyle impacts on our energy levels. Do you get sufficient sleep – or too much sleep! Yes, too much sleep can impact on our energy. Low testosterone and diet are also issues relating to energy levels. An allergy, anaemia, stress, or alcohol level may be the reason for lack of energy. Iron deficiency can be related to the lack of energy. 

Eating and your dietary pattern may also be reasons for low energy. Making sure you have good quantities of vegetables and fruit is important. It is suggested that one third meat and two thirds vegetables on your late is ideal aim. Fruit is useful as you can have it with any meal, or in between meals. Fruit is easy to carry around so you can always have fruit readily available. Nuts provide a useful and healthy snack and also very easy to carry around. A few almonds are particularly helpful to raise your energy in the afternoon.

Drinking sufficient water in the day is important. A good indicator of whether you are drinking sufficient is the colour of your urine. The paler the colour the better – if it is dark you are in need of water. Water is essential in your life. 

Water has another part to play in your life.  If you are feeling a bit down going to a beach and spending a bit of time looking out to sea can have a positive effect on you. Not everyone is close to a beach but rivers, or lakes can have the same effect.

Points to consider when lacking energy:

Examine your sleep patterns; keep your body hydrated by drinking water; review your diet; desk sitter – get up and move around as much as possible. If you are at all concerned make an appointment for a medical check.

There are some products available that may be of help. Previously I have used a product called Vitality – it certainly boosted my energy and is focused on the three areas I mentioned.  Recently felt I perhaps should start it again and have ordered it. It is a Pharmanex® product. If you are interested, or want to know more about the product contact me at [email protected]





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