When cleansing your face with soap and water, or with a cleansing cream/lotion to remove make-up do you feel your skin is thoroughly cleansed? I certainly thought so as I always use an appropriate cleanser, particularly to remove make-up.

I decided to test my cleansing routine. I removed make-up as usual with a cleanser. I then used a gadget called the LumiSpa™ along with a special cleanser. Surprise, the cleansing head of the LumiSpa™, was showing signs of make-up! My skin was had not being cleansed as well as I had thought.

Using the LumiSpa™ has certainly improved my skin bringing comments from friends saying that my skin was looking softer, smoother and radiant – quite a compliment!  People I know who have been using the LumiSpa™ have also seen an improvement in the look of their skin and their partners and family members are also using it and seeing a difference. Yes, men are using the LumiSpa™.

The atmosphere in which we live is unfortunately not as clear and clean as we like to think it is. Even within our homes the skin is absorbing dust – yes, I can hear you say, ‘not in my house’, but alas dust does somehow find a way of penetrating everywhere. Also think about working around the house, in the garden, out walking, driving, working in a job that creates a lot of dust, and sporting activities. Cleansing the skin thoroughly is important.

What is special about the LumiSpa™?

Two-minute use of the LumiSpa™ in the morning and evening provides an excellent cleanse and massage of the skin. The treatment head oscillates and moves gently over the skin not dragging or tearing it. The skin is cleansed of dirt, oil, make-up and other pollutants and toxins, and pores tightened thus leading to a healthier and more youthful skin.

The treatment heads are more hygienic than brushes. They are antimicrobial to acting  against bacteria and the heads are easy to clean. There are three types of treatment heads available – Normal, Gentle, Firm.

The treatment cleansers are specifically formulated to provide optimal treatment and cleansing benefits. There are five cleansers available to suit various skin types – Sensitive, Normal/Combo, Oily, Dry, and Acne prone.

The LumiSpa™ is very much part of my daily routine and goes with me when on holiday!

Thoroughly cleansing the skin is important and the LumiSpa™ certainly does that.

News has come out that the LumiSpa™ is the No. 1 beauty device for home cleansing and treatment in the world!  Exciting news!

An attachment that focuses on the area around the eyes to help deal with under eye bags, puffiness and dark circles. I have not received the attachment yet but a friend has used it – she is delighted with the difference it has made.

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