Or Perhaps you know someone in this situation?

Thinning, or loss of hair, can be a problem. This can be the result of stress, menopause, chemical effects (perms/dyes). Men also can have a loss of hair problem as they get older. There are products that are used by both women and men.

My story is that while on holiday in Asia I was bitten by a mosquito that led to getting dengue fever. I spent several days in hospital receiving excellent treatment in an International SOS Hospital (there are several positioned around the world). I also required to have daily visits for blood tests.  The anticipated two day visit to visit to see a friend stretched to 12 days! My husband was also in the hospital with dengue fever – fortunately we were able to share a room.

A few weeks after our return home my husband told me I was shedding a lot of hair (not a problem for him).  I had realised that I was using my comb to remove a lot of hair from my hairbrush. A friend asked what had happened to my hair – it looked like straw and not in a good condition.

I immediately starting using Nutriol Fitness Treatment – three times a week for 8 weeks then gradually reduced usage to twice a week over several weeks and then down to once a week. I also used the Nutriol Shampoo daily, and still do. The hair was making a good recovery. My hairdresser commented that she had not previously seen such a quick and good recovery – my hair was thickening up nicely and now looking healthy.

The hospital doctor did say that the stress my body was experiencing as the result of the dengue fever could result in a problem –in my case it was my hair.

The treatment revitalizes, re-mineralises the scalp, and strengthens the hair.

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