Are your energy levels low and you lack the incentive to get up and go? Do you feel tired and having difficulty concentrating?  Do jobs seem to be taking more time than they should?

Vitality-1Are you into sport, but realise you are not performing as well as you expected?

Your energy generator (the mitochondria) needs recharging.  From the mid-thirties our body gradually begins to change.  Our energy levels start to reduce, and the brain is perhaps not quite as sharp as it was.

A relief teacher’s comment is that she is waking up energised and ready for the day. She is more easily remembering the names of the children she is looking after.

Another comment received: “I come home from work generally feeling quite tired but now I have more energy. After work I cut the grass! Usually it is done only at the weekend.

Interesting information I read recently – the same product is evidently being trialled in a research being undertaken for autism. I am not in any way involved in that research but received the information about it.

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