Having a healthy immune system helps considerably when you have an illness, pick up an infection be it a cold, influenza or what has impacted on the world this year – the covid-19 pandemic. In 1919 there was the influenza pandemic, but many countries were not affected. What we are presently facing is a pandemic that is travelling around the world.

Your body is an amazing and somewhat complex system. What is important about your immune system? Well, there are for example the tissues, cells and organs that work to effectively to keep the body healthy.

Fortunately, you were born with an innate immune system. Are you aware that the body does keep a record of what is happening? No doubt you have a filing system to keep records of certain information – well, your body also has a filing system. The body is very efficient at identifying threats to it. When there has been an initial exposure the body will recognise it if it returns and will go into defence mode to protect you.  

Having a fever is an immune system response to what is happening to the body. The temperature rises and can kill some microbes. It also sets in place the repair process in the body.

Vaccines are of considerable interest at present in relation to Covid-19. Think of influenza – there is a vaccine but the ‘flu type changes and this requires a new vaccine to be developed.  To date no vaccine has yet been found for Covid-19 but scientists in several countries are working hard to find one. There is concern about changes occurring in Covid-19 and if there is a change more research will need to be undertaken.

Occupation exposure – when working with others it is possible for you to contract some vaccine preventable diseases if you have not been vaccinated for those diseases. Information is emerging that there are ongoing health issues related to having had Covid-19 making it essential to find a vaccine as quickly as possible. Meantime it is important to follow protection approaches recommended by medical practitioners.

Your Immune System

Your daily diet has a great deal to do with a healthy immune system. There is a trend towards thinking more carefully about what we eat.

Eat from the good earth! No, you are not being asked to eat earth. It is from fruit and vegetables harvested from the earth that you get the range of minerals and vitamins you need to stay healthy. Think of the products that grow in the earth, the ones that emerge just above the earth, and what grows on bushes and trees that are so good for you. This does not mean you should not eat animal products – just think of the animals that feed off the grass!

 Your health depends on minerals and vitamins. For many years we have been told to eat 5 fruit and vegetable services daily. Some people are now suggesting that it should be 10 fruit and vegetables! Certainly, there is encouragement to have about three-quarters of the plate filled with a range of vegetables and to eat plenty of fruit and do not forget to include nuts in your diet. The suggested size for meat is – a piece the size of the palm of your hand and the thickness of your hand. This is a good guide for whatever size you are  

You are aware that what you should do but it is not possible to get all the minerals and vitamins needed. An example is that Selenium in New Zealand soil is low, and it is important to ensure that it is in the supplements sold there. Similarly, in other countries it is likely there are important minerals that may not be in the soil. This is when a nutritional supplement is likely to be needed. The one I use does make sure that the country the product is being sold in is developed to cover what is necessary in that country.

Look for a comprehensive supplement that has maximum nutritional antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to provide the immune system support, including bone nutrition and cardiovascular health.

There are many products around – just look at the shelves in the supermarkets!  In the range displayed the products typically focus on a one health issue. To cover your needs, you may feel it necessary to select different products with each having been developed to cover a specific problem and find, at a cost, you end up with a row of containers. If you take what is suggested from each container your intake will not be balanced and the outcome is likely to do damage to your health. If a product is being specifically prescribed by a medical practitioner, it is critical to indicate what products you are taking, including a supplement if you are using one.

When looking to buy a supplement it is important to select one that provides maximum nutritional antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to provide immune support, bone nutrition and cardiovascular health. Read the ingredients carefully, make sure it is comprehensive and preferably is plant based.

Keep healthy – look after your immune system

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