For over 2,000 years the Reishi mushroom (also known as Lingzhi) has been used in Asia for its health producing benefits.

The Reishi mushroom is said to provide good support for your immune system and for heart and liver function. It is said to promote vitality and longevity. Smokers and adults exposed to environmental pollution could also benefit from using a Reishi based product. It is also suggested that Reishi is recognised for its value pharmaceutically rather than for nutritional use and is the commonly used medicinal mushroom. Its fan shape makes it easily recognisable.

The Reishi mushroom is an herb that is held in high regard in China and in Chinese medical texts. Going online you will find there are many businesses offering Reishi products at varying prices. As always it is important that you scrutinise the information about health products that are for sale and look for a company that has in place a high certification process. Look for quality – price can be a good guideline. Checking what scientists are saying is also important.

I was given information that a woman who put her father on to a Reishi product had written her father was coping better, his eating pattern had improved, he felt and looked better and was off out and getting exercise. She was, however, aware that although his life seemed better there was no cure for cancer.

Reishi, Mushroom, Plant, Nature, Red
Reishi, Mushroom, Plant, Nature, Red, Farm
Red Reishi Mushroom

The red Reishi mushroom has been identified as having a higher level of extract and is the one that has been used by those undertaking research.

Scientists have been examining Reishi as being the most effective killer of cancer cells, but health benefits are till to some extent anecdotal. Taking a cautious approach Evans, et. al. (2009) indicate there may be the ability to inhibit tumour growth. Although Reishi might be of help during the cancer process there is not, as yet, a specific cure.

There are natural Killer cells within our body’s immune system that attack organisms foreign to the body and destroy them. They can also destroy damaged cells naturally occurring in the body that are part of the cellular regeneration process.

The Reishi mushroom grows at the foot of deciduous trees and take 120-200 days to cultivate. Solid log cultivate is preferred as it is less likely to be contaminated.  Research into how, or whether, Reishi can assist health issues has been limited as little research has been undertaken with humans. However, a study released in 2016 involving a group with a placebo and a group using a Reishi mushroom treatment reports participants in the mushroom group had indicated they had a relatively improved quality of life. This ties in with the story of the woman who put her father on to a Reishi product.

There is a growing interest in Reishi and this is likely to increase the amount of research being undertaken.

A reminder – while there are many Reishi products on the market there is still a lot of research to be done to provide evidence to indicate that Reishi is an effective cure or is of any assistance to those with cancer.

Important – Edible wild fungi must be cooked.

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